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Statements of Need

At the FoxMan Group we believe that though there are a variety of different industries with a variety of business obstacles confronting each that there is a core position that can be found to relieve each and allow an accelerated path to success. 
Using our "Statements of Need" we provide three representative examples spread across different industries. The idea is to identify business obstacles or needs and to demonstrate how FoxManís solution can position each organization to achieve their goals.

Widget Company
A Widget company has had a very successful business distributing widgets through traditional sales channels. They work with many vendors who in turn sell the widgets to end users and traditional retail environments. A very competitive climate is lowering profit margins even against modest sales growth. Widget Company is looking to expand sales both within its current customer base and by creating new accounts as well as to decrease costs in the process.

Non-Profit Organizations
All non-profit organizations are seeking strategies to increase fund raising activities and to build a long standing relationship with their donor list without increasing costs. The following scenario is of a non-profit organization that focuses on the Simpson Cancer Research Center (SCRC).

SportCo is a weekly publication focusing on sports. SportCo has many publications, ranging from very general publications covering all sports to very niche oriented sports. Like many publishers, SportCo is battling the Internet and no defined Iternet strategy currently exists.

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