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The first interactive, web-based services that provide the public with instant access to museums around the world, and offer secure transactional capabilities. These sites are unique marketing tools that give each facility a low-cost means to build and benefit from a constituency extending around the globe.

Hotels-caribbean.com is the first interactive, web based service that not only provides the public with instant access to hotels and guest houses throughout the Caribbean, but also offers secure transactional capabilities and unique marketing tools that give each facility a low cost means to build and benefit from constituencies extending around the globe.

Physician-focus.com, and its related sites, physician-research.com and virtual-detail.com, are a group of Internet sites and databases dedicated to commercial applications that target medical practitioners.

Gambling Today
Players, Gaming Venues, and Vendors all benefit from the "virtual community" created by the Gambling Today projects. Each of the areas is well defined functionally and is a profit center.

Tourbiz is a suite of software tools that has been developed by The Foxman Group. Tourbiz, tools are specially built for the scheduling, and accounting of production and promotional details for the live entertainment industry. These tools focus on show scheduling, show related budgeting, accounting, wwwistrative office procedures, and technical information.

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