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PRESS – Pearl Jam, Ticketmaster & SFX

Ticketmaster and Foxman Group form strategic alliance
May 25, 1999
Ticketmaster will utilize Foxman technology to develop expanded Internet initiatives, including online pre-sale promotions, for its clients, touring artists, and events.

SFX Installs Two Systems from Foxman Group
February 9, 1999
TourBiz, created and developed by The Foxman Group, is a new and unique series of software systems that reshapes the way individual Music Industry entities function internally, between companies and with the public.

Tourbiz Software System
November 13, 1997
The FoxMan Group, led by the man who revolutionized database management, scheduling and accounting for the entertainment industry almost two decades ago, has announced the release of three new products that extend the new company’s line of innovative business tools into the areas of concert touring, gaming and internet commerce.

Selling Tickets for Pearl Jam's National Tours In 1995 and 1996
Foxman Group
The rock group Pearl Jam became involved in late 1994 with a public debate over TicketMaster's ticketing surcharges by filing with the Department of Justice for anti-trust action. Wishing to avoid working with TicketMaster, Pearl Jam sought a company that would provide a low cost, high level of customer service system that would allow maximum flexibility for its users.

Technology Integration for Selling Tickets to a National Musical Tour
Foxman Group
It is web based, with box offices, outlets, and kiosks, all with access to the same database. A completely new language (MS Visual Basic) with a graphical user interface (for windows) on a new client server based NT network, with a relational database (MS SQL).

Gambling Today: www.gamblingtoday.com
Foxman Group
Casinos and other gaming establishments spend huge amounts of money attempting to bring prospective gamblers in their front door. Advertising on billboards, spending lavish amounts on new hotels, giving bus visitors free chips, and promoting their VIP programs are just a few of the models used by gaming marketers.

Physician Focus: www.physician-focus.com
Foxman Group
"Current methods of obtaining information from physicians is costly, time consuming, and can be difficult." says Mr. Green. " Whether a dinner program, focus group, one on one meeting, phone interview, fax-back program, or mailer, current programs have numerous limitations. Along with issues in recruiting physicians to participate, the time and expense required to implement these programs is often substantial.

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