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 Announcing Magical Fox
Magical Fox Newletter. Fall 1995.
Announcing the marriage, after a brief courtship, of Fox Systems and Magical Media introducing a unique "All access" computer company: Magical Fox

Talent and Touring
Fox Systems News. Fall 1993
The touring industry has had its fair share of ups and downs, and never before has teamwork and cooperation between talent, managers, agents, promoters, venues, ticketing companies, and merchandisers been as vital as it is now.

Fox Upgrades System
Fox Systems News. Fall 1992.
Both systems generate Reports that have become recognized as the industry standard for communicating tour related information.

Fox Installs Multi City User Systems
Fox Systems News. Spring 1992
Whether you have one office or multiple offices, Fox Systems can help your company centralize its' operations by streamlining the wwwistrative functions so you can more effectively share expenses, increase communications, and pool historical information.

 Computing Since the 90's
Performance Magazine. January 1992
When David Cooper, founder and president of Fox Systems, received his degree in accounting, he found himself asking, "Why would anyone want to do accounting when a computer can do it for you?"

 Fox Breaking Bands
Performance Magazine. July 12, 1991
Playing with the latest in computer technology, Andy Zipfel and David Cooper still believe in breaking bands the old-fashioned way: with live shows.

 Fox Systems 10th Anniversary
Fox Systems News. Spring 1991
FOX is here with the products, services and solutions you need to make computing a worthwhile and essential part of your business.

 V2.0 of MASS
Fox Systems News. Summer 1990
MASS (Management Accounting Scheduling System) is an integrated software program designed specifically for venue management and made up of the following 10 modules...

 A Full Service Computer Co
Fox Systems News. Spring 1990
All of our software can be customized to your specific needs and we can mix and match various software modules from various packages until all your requirements have been met.

 Why Choose Fox
Fox Systems News.
Our philosophy, unlike most other computer consultants, is to change the computer to fit the needs of the users, not change the users way of doing business to fit the system. Think about that for a moment ... it's a big difference.

 Promoters Turn To Fox
Fox Systems News. July 1987
From the sunny west to the majestic east, from the great north to the cordial south, Fox Concert Promotion Systems are hard at work day in and day out making the lives of Concert Promoters everywhere easier, Donald K, Donald, Monarch, Prism, G-Force, Media One, Sunshine, DiCesare/Engler, Electric Factory and more are all utilizing this powerful collection of programs.

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