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Multiple Language Publishing Capability

In order to address the broadly expanding global marketplace it is imperative in this day and age to be able to address the audience in their native language. Our solutions ALWAYS have this capability and it is implemented when applicable to the clients business model. For some of our clients the multiple langauge capability is the proper use of SiloBuster(tm). Using our SiloBuster(tm) technology, we provide the tools to easily create and manage this environment very simply and easily. As with all SiloBuster(tm) solutions, the individual needs of each of our clients is provided the proper application to run their business.

  Spanish Harlem Orchestra
This project was focused around our Direct-to-Fan portal solution but their business requirements included the ability to reach both English and Spanish speaking audiences. So each language would have their own 'official website' all under the umbrella of the main Spanish Harlem Orchestra website. Multi-thread approach to the use of the Internet for distribution.
Components:  Membership capability (fan club)
                      Multi-Languae capability
                      Profile Management
                      eCommerce capability
                      eStore Structure
                      Affiniity group solution
                      Product development (creation through to shipping)
                      Industry specific business application development for the touring industry
                      Outbound offer generation via email, SMS, MMS, Mail Merge and IVR

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