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Internet marketing business is a hot ticket
Philadelphia Inquirer. July 15, 2002
"A lot of people say they want to sell more tickets," the company's founder, David Cooper, said. "We show you how to sell more tickets."

FanTracker Implemented at Michigan International Speedway
March 12, 2002
FanTracker is a clear alternative for sports teams, leagues, venues, and college sports programs that want to take control of the ticketing process and their relationship with their fans and patrons.

ISC feels the need for speed
CC News, 2002
Now that International Speedway Corp., ISC, has managed to get its 18 Web sites not only up and running, but also linked to one another, executives are putting another linking project on the fast track.

Biggest Fan
eCRM News. October 18, 2001
Individually, the applications provide comprehensive functions. Vertical Tracker is a CRM tool that incorporates content management, e-commerce, and data analytics into one package. The application serves as a data depot, open and available to the entire organization, providing key marketing information that organizations can use to sell more tickets, promote licensed merchandise and generate higher returns on performances, venues, staffing and overhead.

Introducing World's First Web-Based Ticketing Application
October 10, 2001
With FanTracker™, sports, media and entertainment companies can now control and manage their ticketing while gaining deep intelligence into the needs, wants and desires of fans and patrons

Vertical Leap
Times Herald. June 12, 2001
Customers for the software sell records, auto racing tickets and merchandise, home products catalogs, lighting products, medications and hotel rooms in the Caribean.

Multiple Web Sites Get on Single Track with Vertical Alliance Software
Street & Smith's Sports Business Journal
Most sports teams pay several vendors to handle their Web sites. One company might pro-vide e-commerce applications, another assists with content-related software and a third might deal with ticketing.

Deploy 18 Sites in 75 Days
Macromedia Showcase
Aiming to transform its Web presences and implement one-to-one marketing and cross-selling/upselling, ISC embarked on an ambitious strategy to bring greater cohesion and simplicity to its Web properties while forging tighter, personalized relationships with visitors.

International Speedway Corporation
Vertical Alliance
This implementation has allowed ISC to realize a 176% increase in site traffic (including 500,000 page views and 100,000 new visitors in a two-day span), while building a community of over 55,000 members.

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