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Foxman Group has been providing innovative yet elegantly simple solutions to complex business issues since 1981. David Cooper has been developing computer-based solutions that address business needs for their entire business career. It is this depth of experience that distinguishes a Foxman solution from others. As with most organizations of depth, the institutional experience and memory allow decisions to be based on the fact of life experience rather than on conjecture or text book theory. With backgrounds in both computer sciences and accounting, they have developed innovative software solutions in a number of industries. Starting in the live entertainment field he developed software for touring music acts, artist managers, concert promoters, talent agents, and venues; then ticketing, record companies, radio promotions and publishers. Their programs integrated vital functions together such as accounting, scheduling, merchandising, marketing, communications and sales.

BREAKING a BAND in the Internet Age

This "how to" book from the guys at Foxman share the secrets of sucess in TODAY'S music industry

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